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Hagenkötter’s manganese steel (1.3401/X120Mn12)

Manganese steel - also known as hard manganese steel or manganese hard steel – in its quenched state has the characteristic of significantly increasing its original low tensile strength and hardness in the cold-worked layer by intense cold working without this having an adverse effect on the originally very high durability. The cold working performed increases the wear-resistance enormously. It can be bent, flanged and pierced because of its high durability. Chipping at room temperature with hard metal tools is only possible to a limited extent.

Typical manganese steel products are, for example, hangers in blasting machines, crusher jaws, crusher jaw inserts, power shovel bolts, power shovel connectors, gripping teeth, striking elements in impact mills and centrifugal mills. It is also used in security systems (protective grills, doors, cladding, safety plates). It is used generally for intense percussion and impact stresses.

Manganese steel can be welded both electrically and autogenously. Electrical welding is, however, preferred because with autogenous welding procedures, burn-off of manganese and carbon may easily occur. Shielded electrodes at 0.8% - 1.0% C and 15 - 18% Mn must be used for electric welding. The wear resistance is somewhat lower at the weld seam than with the remaining material.

Delivery schedule

We supply manganese steel from our stocks in round measurements from 6 - 80 mm, in sheet thicknesses of 1.5 - 30 mm and flat material in all cross sections - rolled or as a flame cut - within a few days. 

We also supply wearing rails of manganese steel.

Custom production

However, we not only supply the raw material but will also be delighted to manufacture your finished part in accordance with your specification drawing or in accordance with measurements taken at your premises.

Examples of manganese steel products

Describe your wear problem to us and use our experience in processing and machining manganese steel.

Material data sheet 1.3401

1.3401 A 128 BW 10 Z 120 M 12 X 120 Mn 12

Chemical composition

C Mn Si P S
1,10 - 1,30 12,00 - 13,00 0,30 - 0,50 max. 0,100 max. 0,04

Mechanical properties at room temperature

Dimensions Yield point N/mm² Tensile strength N/mm² Ductile yield (Lo=5do) Contraction %
<= 16 mm >= 410 680 - 1180 >= 40 >= 40
17 mm - 40 mm >= 390 830 - 1080 >= 42 >= 40
41 mm - 100 mm >= 345 780 - 1080 >= 45 >= 45


Treatment temperature: 1100 - 850 ºC
Cooling in water

Ordering manganese steel

The prices and delivery conditions for manganese steel are based on various parameters, such as dimensions and quantity.
We would be delighted to prepare a quotation just for you.

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